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Duxbury, Paul.
Chairman IEEE EMC-S UKRI Chapter

Email: paul.duxbury@cst.com
Telephone: 07799 648044

Paul received a BEng Honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Hertfordshire University, UK, in 1995.

Between 1993 and 1994, he spent a year in the RF and Microwave (Free Field) section at the UK National Physical Laboratory. During this time he was involved in EMC antenna and dielectric material projects, employing both numerical (MoM and TLM) and measurement techniques.

In 1995, he joined BSI Product Testing as an EMC Test Engineer where he was involved with EMC testing to European and International standards. During this time he was also involved with the construction and verification of BSI’s open area test site as well as overseeing the establishment of a domestic equipment sector for the laboratory. During his time
at BSI, he was also a member of the UK GTEM User Group.

In 1997, he joined the EMC laboratory of IFR Ltd as Senior EMC Engineer where he was involved with EMC test and design consultancy for both IFR’s own designs and those of external customers. In 1999, he became responsible for the external commercial activities of the laboratory including maintaining the UKAS quality and test procedures. While at IFR, he continued to be a member of the UK GTEM User Group, coordinating a round robin exercise on radiated immunity.

Paul joined Flomerics in May 2000, as an EM Engineer, based in the UK headquarters, responsible for providing technical support to new and existing users of Flomerics’ TLM based electromagnetic modelling software. In 2002, he became Senior EM Engineer, with responsibility for leading the technical support, consultancy and other engineering activities for the EM products within the UK, Europe and Asia/Pacific. In 2006 he became EM Product Associate within the EM Business Group and, while continuing to work closely with users of the software as well as the regional offices in Europe and Asia/Pacific, he also worked with the product manager on developing product requirements based on internal and external customer feedback and the business manager on developing the EM business.

Paul joined CST as a Senior Sales and Application Engineer in February 2008 following the acquisition of the Flomerics EM Business by CST. His main responsibilities are sales and support activities in the UK, especially related to the EMC market. He also continues to work with regional offices, especially in Asia/Pacific, and also the development team on developing product requirements.

With both Flomerics and more latterly CST, Paul has been involved with the EMCIA (www.emcia.org) since its inception in 2002 and has served on the Executive Committee since 2003. He is also a member of the IET and the IEEE, and he is currently Chairman of the UKRI Chapter of the EMC Society (www.ieee.org.uk/emc.html).


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