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Kerry, Peter J

Email: peter.kerry@cispr.co.uk
Telephone: 01959 577053
Mobile: 07800 903 295

Peter Kerry is an EMC consultant providing advice on EMC standardisation issues.
To date, he has had a career spanning 30 years in the area of international standards, involving research and development in the areas of EMC, radio and telecommunications.
He was the President of CISPR (the international EMC standards body), for 12 years up until 2007. During this period he was also an active member of ACEC - the IEC’s EMC co-ordination panel that is responsible for resolving EMC standards issues and advising the IEC’s management board on EMC policy issues.
For much of his career, he was with the Radiocommunications Agency, where he was the head of EMC Policy and Research. This involved being the technical advisor to the Department of Trade & Industry on the EMC Directive.
At the national level, he chair’s the BSI’s EMC standards committee (GEL210/12) and is an active member of the EMC policy committee (GEL210).
Until recently he was a member of the IET’s EMC Professional Network Executive Team, and a well-known speaker on EMC issues.
Career Résumé
In his recent career with the Radio Agency he was responsible for the following:
  • Leading and co-ordinating the Radio Agency’s policy on EMC issues.
  • Development and management of the EMC research programme. 
  • Lead the restructuring of the International Radio Interference Committee (CISPR).
  • Manage the Agency’s laboratory into at Kenley.

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