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Carter, Philip William.
aCEmark europe ltd
Senior Consultant

Email: phil-carter@acemark.com
Telephone: 44 (0) 1793 771488
Fax: +44 (0)7092 265957
Mobile: +44 (0) 7774 447457


Phil is a senior Consultant and co-founder of 17025 Assessments ltd a Company established to provide technical expertise to accreditation bodies around the world.

Until July of this year Phil Carter was Managing Director and founder of aCEmark europe ltd, a Company specialising in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), RF and Microwave and Quality Systems.
Since 1992, Phil has built an excellent reputation within the industry as an Assessor for test and calibration laboratory accreditation. He works regularly for UKAS in the UK, NAB in Ireland, Norwegian Accreditation, RvA in the Netherlands, SWEDAC in Sweden and NATA in Australia. Phil has now been involved in over 2500 assessment or surveillance visits to EMC Testing and RF and Microwave Calibration Laboratories and is probably one of the worlds most experienced assessors. Third Party Assessments of Testing Laboratories have also been carried out on behalf of several ‘Competent Bodies’ and Manufacturing organisations, typically over 100 visits are made each year. The visits are conducted in many countries around the world and have grown to include a wide variety of technologies and disciplines. In addition to the UKAS assessors training course, Phil has also successfully completed the ISO 9000 Lead Auditors course, the ISO 17025 update course along with many other courses over the years.
Phil has had many papers published in magazines and Journals, on such topics as EMC Pre-compliance testing, Calibration of test and measuring equipment under ISO 9000 certification, problems with Mains Harmonics and Flicker testing and others. He is regularly asked to speak at seminars and meetings in both the UK and abroad. Phil has also presented at Measurement Uncertainty Workshops in the US for the IEEE. 
Phil was also instrumental in the re-write of the EN 61000-3-2:1995 Standard for Mains Harmonics as a technical expert on CENELEC 210 working group 6, and is also regularly invited to Brussels to adjudicate various applications for project funding as a United Kingdom Technical Expert.
With an enviable international reputation Phil is regularly called for his opinion on accreditation matters in EMC, SAR, Bluetooth, AEMCLRP and Radio.
Finally of relevance Phil co-authored and prepared the examples for the UKAS document on EMC Measurement Uncertainty ‘Lab 34’.
Assessor expertise:
Areas of particular expertise include:
Electrical calibration
RF and Microwave
Fibre Optic
EMC Test Equipment
      ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
      Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
      Electromagnetic Hazards / RF Exposure
      Radio Test
      AEMCLRP     (Approved by AEMCLRP Committee and Listed in EA)
      Bluetooth   (Approved by Bluetooth SIG, Listed on Bluetooth Website)
Visits too numerous to mention with more than 10 days each month involved in accreditation visits covering all the above areas in laboratories in any one year.

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